Sunday, June 22, 2008


I've done "okay" with calories the last couple of days. It's getting exercise that needs to be the priority right now. I'm going to the gym twice a week (I have noooo idea how that is going to happen once school starts up again and DH is back to work), but I need a little more than that. I keep forgetting to run up and down the stairs (ADD much? Yes, as a matter of fact), and after trying my friend Robin's Wii Fit, um, I want one. Bad.

I will post the official calorie count from the last few days in a bit. For now, I must go wake up the husband (who snuck off to the boys' room and fell asleep as soon as I got up this morning), and then.......we garden.


CNH said...

OH! Gardening! FUN!

I love that you added the .75 of an inch. ;)

Lindsay said...

I suspect my sister would find it and correct it if I put 5'8. LOL