Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hot Schmot, or, The Head Cold Cometh

I'm sick. :hack :cough

Wed, Jun 11 2008 Grade Grams Cals
Chocolate chocolate chip muffin D 142 490
Burrito Supreme - Beef - Burritos C- 248 440
Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito C- 796 490
Chicken, Breast, Meat Only - Cooked, Roasted B 140 231
Total Calories Consumed 1,651

And I'm not hungry. Key here, I haven't been very physically active today at all, and I think that's why I'm full on a little over 1600 calories.

Tomorrow, I should be feeling better, and I intend to take the small people to the zoo, which should get the juices going.

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