Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shin splints

From the Wikipedia article entitled "Shin Splints": "An individual not accustomed to running may experience pain in the shin muscles the next day even after a single, short bout of intensive running."

That individual not accustomed to running would be me, and the single, short bout of intensive running would be the 3/4 of a lap I wheezed my way through Tuesday afternoon.Now my shins hurt, and my hips hurt, and it appears that 196 pounds is a lot of weight to drag around when trying to start to run.

Fortunately, it's not debilitating pain, just annoying, overused muscle sort of pain.

At the very least, I'll do the arc tomorrow, since that's pretty low impact, but I'd really like to avoid giving up on running this soon, which I'm afraid I'll do if I can't get right back to it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So after gaining all 6 pounds back...

Mostly due to sitting on my ass and eating high sugar, high fat treats in large portions every night, I've decided something must be done.

I have a really hard time getting motivated to drag all 3 kids out to the Y by myself. I set out my routine for the week, and on it, I have the gym on Tuesday afternoon, Thursday morning and Friday mornings. I almost didn't go today, since the kids were bouncing off the walls, and I was tired, but I know myself and knew if I hadn't gone today, that I wouldn't be able to get up and go the rest of the week. Besides, I need to get started running.

I went. Baby in the Ergo, big two holding hands, all the way to the kid zone.

I did start running today. I walked several laps, then I got exactly 3/4 of a lap in before I started wheezing, and I'm not asthmatic.LOL I walked two more laps, then went in and did 20 minutes on the arc.

The children were retrieved uneventfully, and we headed on out, and I still had enough energy to run an errand with the three of them afterwards.